Who are we?
General Objectives
Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

  1. The General Assembly of Member Communities has the maximum authority for making decisions, accords, and resolutions.
  2. The Congress of Representatives has the power to elect UNORCAC leaders and analyze Union reports.
  3. The Central Cabildo is the representative and executive organ of UNORCAC.
  4. The Executive Committee administers, manages, monitors, and evaluates the organization's actions.
  5. Special Commissions executes the plans and programs of the Union.


UNORCAC Base Organizations

41 Indigenous and Mestizo Communities of the Andean Zone of Canton Cotacachi
32 Communal Water Councils (Juntas de Agua potable)
14 Women's Community Committees
19 Community Forest Councils (Juntas Forestales)
11 Community Communication Committees
70 Youth Sports Club for men, women, and children
3 Artistic Groups (Music and Dance)