Who are we?
General Objectives
Organizational Structure

Union of Peasant and Indigenous Organizations of Cotacachi


The Union of Peasant and Indigenous Organizations of Cotacachi (UNORCAC) is a non-profit, class-based, second-level organization constituted by forty-one communities, and various peasant, indigenous, and mestizo base organizations in the Andean zone of Cotacachi Canton, Imbabura Province, Ecuador.

Created the April 19, 1977, after a long socio-organizational process that was headed by a group of young indigenous Cotacachi intellectuals. The desire to eliminate the conditions of discrimination and poverty, which the majority of rural and indigenous peoples faced in the area, was the main motivation for uniting the communities and beginning our struggle.

UNORCAC was legally recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock through Accord No. 0139, on April 21 1980. UNORCAC is affiliated to the regional organization, the Federation of Indigenous Peasants of Imbabura (FICAPI) and to the national organization, the National Federation of Indigenous, Peasant, and Black Organizations (FENOCIN).